Integrated management system

Main principles
Development in partnership

Cooperation with partners for joint business development on a mutually beneficial basis. Priority of the company's activity is trust and respect, as a constructive partnership basis.

High requirements for business 

We desire to exceed our customers’ expectations and offer best comprehensive solutions. We are guided by quality standards of the international business community. 

Responsibility to all parties concerned 

Professionalism and improvement, as conditions for successful fulfillment of obligations to the parties concerned.

Our company’s top-priority is our personnel. Responsible attitude to the personnel occupational safety guarantees further development of our company and our customers’ business.

Resources are used in the most effective way in order to protect the environment and to prevent pollution. 

Strategic objectives
  • To strengthen the company's position on the domestic and foreign markets as a contractor for quality works for energy, oil and gas, defense and other enterprises, and for infrastructure projects and alternative energy.

  • Diversification of manufacture by products (services) and markets in order to ensure financial stability of the Company.

Responsible attitude to occupational safety conditions for the personnel to guarantee further development of the company and our customers’ business.
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